Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

Decorating a small space is difficult at best and frustrating at most times. You have to strike a delicate balance between a little space and many options for it. For most of us, our first place will be a small apartment or a shared space in a house. We share a few ideas on how to optimise the space you have and make it less chaotic. 


Carpet tiles and vinyl floors can make your room seem more spacious. If you want to change your floors completely look for floor stores near me on decor online shops and you can get excellent recommendations.  

Try to keep your floors as clutter-free as possible; open floor spaces give the illusion of more space and this is especially important for smaller areas. To help you out, you can use floating pieces like a shelf door that doubles as a desk or folding doors for your one-wall kitchen. You could loft your bed and use the space underneath as a lounge or workspace. 


Smaller spaces tend to get dark and shadowy because of a need for more natural light. Go for ceiling lighting fixtures if you have higher ceilings. Mirrors are also a great way to create the illusion of more light since they reflect any natural light. You can also add one big mirror on one wall to get the same effect. It is also a good idea, for example, to go for wall-mounted lights to save on surface space. 


Don’t overcrowd your space, so when you choose furniture, go for essential and multipurpose pieces. A storage cupboard that doubles as a coffee table, a bench that can hold your shoes underneath, etc. Instead, Avoid bulky items; opt for smaller ones such as acrylic furniture and ottomans. Design experts suggest you leave out things such as a big sectional sofa. You can use two smaller sofas or a larger one that will take up one wall and seat more people. 


Colour is crucial no matter the size of the house. You can paint the walls in light colours to create an illusion of space. Pastel colours are also calming and work well with darker-toned furniture. If you are in a rented apartment and painting is not an option, then you can use temporary wallpaper or even fabrics which will add texture. Don’t limit yourself; experiment with different colours in different rooms. Or you can even create a focal wall with a vibrant colour contrasting the rest of the room. An exciting trend is to paint your ceiling to make the room seem longer. 


Artwork reflects your personal style and beautifies your living space, no matter how small. Don’t forget tapestries, as they are lightweight and easy to put up. You can also hang your plants to save on surface space and give your space a natural feel. 


Decorating a small space can be challenging. Focus on saving surface space and creating the illusion of more space. Don’t forsake comfort for minimal furnishings; you still need to enjoy your house. There are many options for making even smaller living areas comfortable and enjoyable ones.